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     This exhibition is composed of twenty one artworks that display ideas but also their synthesis, specifically through the viewer’s engagement and invitation to find a space that is concrete and legible.

     In the following works of art, Nodos —in large format — expresses the construction of identity in space. The series titled Acentuación Roja, as well as the works titled Positivos, materialize this idea filtered through the arrangement of geometric forms. The visible part, which forms a concrete word, can also be experienced in Vientos, where the word pronounced in space possesses neither support nor frame.

     Among humans’ numerous and diverse reflexions is the need to communicate, which in art — with their innate unconformity — brings about great changes. In my reflexions, writing is the base and inspiration of architecture, and of any other source of aesthetic material. In the written word is kept the behavior of society and also the way in which it interprets geography.

     Writing structures painting as well as sculpture and it molds any given culture.